In September of 2017, I gave a talk on the NYC Maker Faire education stage and shared my experiences about Maker Camp. Afterward, a gentleman approached me and said, “You really love what you do. It shows. Have you ever thought about writing a book?”

Long story short he was a senior editor for McGraw-Hill. He asked me to write a book about Maker Camps as part of the already successful “Big Book of…” series. It was one of the most exciting moments of my life.

On our way home that year, we stopped with friends to grab dinner. While waiting for a table, I wandered over to a nearby Barnes and Noble. As I passed the STEM section, I promised myself that one day my book would be on a shelf in a big book store too.

It took two years of hard work to write it, photograph projects, and edit the book. Now I’m working just as hard to promote it and get copies sold. I haven’t even gotten my first royalty check, but, crazy as it may seem, I’m already planning the next book. Glutton for punishment, I guess.

Anyway, seeing my book on a shelf at B&N today kinda made it all worthwhile. Keep your promises, especially the ones you make to yourself.

And thank you to everyone who helped me get to the day where I could take this picture.

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