Circuits Scouts on Maker Campus

I’m offering a NEW workshop on Maker Campus, the fantastic online platform for maker classes. Circuit Scouts for Educators and Parents will take place on Saturday, April 9 from 12 pm to 3 pm EST. It’s just $25 per login, so feel free to get a couple of people together to watch and participate.

This workshop is designed for those that want to teach electronics in camp, club or classroom settings. It uses a kit and curriculum I designed for Make:. I have tested every project personally with kids. If you’ve been looking for an easy way to add this content to your programming, this is the class for you!

What you will do:
Welcome to the World of Circuits! In this workshop, educators will learn to use the Circuit Scout Kit to teach the basics of how electrical circuits work and then put them to use to make their own unique inventions including amazing light-up cards, buzzing vibrobots, and LED circuits you can wear. We’ll work through the four basic projects included in the kit so that you can confidently share them with young makers in clubs, camps, afterschool programs, or at home. All of the educational STEM content behind the kit projects will be covered, with ideas for how to share it with kids in a fun way. Tried and true tips for teaching electricity and circuits with be reviewed as well, including ways to keep your students safe. Plus, we’ll talk about the design process so that you can lead your young makers as they remix, redesign, innovate, and create with the Circuit Scout Kit.

Skills you will learn:
In this workshop, we will explore the basics of circuits and electricity, the difference between series and parallel circuits, properties of conductive and insulating materials, the basics of motors, the basics of switches, the basics of forces and motion, principles of the design process and techniques for successful maker education.

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