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Time to grow! Once again Kaleidoscope Enrichment is here with details about classes we’re offering, upcoming events, fun projects, interesting news, and other information to guide your family’s science, technology, engineering, math, and maker explorations. We hope you’ll share it with all your friends. In this newsletter you’ll find:
  • Upcoming programs through the Blairstown Recreation Department
  • Professional Development opportunities with Rutgers and Make:
  • Featured projects: Light-Up paper and fabric
  • Upcoming events
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Hands-on Classes

Duct Tape Does It

In this program for creative inventors, we will be pushing the limits of what duct tape can do as we craft, build, and engineer all kinds of crazy contraptions using one of the most useful materials on the planet. One part art, one part tinkering, this class is perfect for out-of-the-box thinkers. Each week there will be a new challenge to conquer, so get ready for fun! Hosted by Blairstown Recreation Department. Grades K-6 Tuesday, April 12, 26, May 3, 10 3:15 – 4:30 pm $55//participant Learn more and register>>>

Up-Up and Away!

From simple paper airplanes to launching rockets, to flying drones, this program is all about exploring the power of flight. Participants will build, tinker, and engineer their way to creating their own aeronautical inventions, exploring the science behind flight. Get ready for take-off! Hosted by Blairstown Recreation Department. Grades 3-6 Tuesdays, 5/17 – 5/31 3:15 – 4:45 pm $50.00/participant Learn more and register>>>

Summertime Scientist

Get ready for a summer of astounding science! With this workshop, we will put the heat and sunshine to good use, as we make awesome sun prints, build pinhole cameras, create color-changing bracelets and design our own sunglasses. So much fun with the Sun! Hosted by Blairstown Recreation Department. Grades K-4 Tuesday, June 7th 3:15 – 5:00 pm $25.00/participant Learn more and register>>>

Maker Camp

Kids love to create, build, and innovate. This is the perfect Summer Camp for kids that love science, technology, and engineering. Maker Camp will provide them with the opportunity to develop their skills, learn new things, and share interests with others. Maker Camp gives kids the chance to design a new world of creativity that merges the traditional and technological in their own unique and independent way. Hosted by Blairstown Recreation Department. Grades K – 6 Mon. – Th. 7/11 – 7/14 9:00 am – 12:30 pm $125.00/ participant Learn more and register>>>
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Professional Development

Circuit Scouts for Educators and Parents

WELCOME to the World of Circuits! In this workshop, educators will learn to use the Circuit Scout Kit to teach the basics of how electrical circuits work and then put them to use to make their own unique inventions including amazing light-up cards, buzzing vibrobots, and LED circuits you can wear. We’ll work through the four basic projects included in the kit so that you can confidently share them with young makers in clubs, camps, afterschool programs, or at home. All of the educational STEM content behind the kit projects will be covered, with ideas for how to share it with kids in a fun way. Tried and true tips for teaching electricity and circuits with be reviewed as well, including ways to keep your students safe. Plus, we’ll talk about the design process so that you can lead your young makers as they remix, redesign, innovate, and create with the Circuit Scout Kit. This workshop is hosted with Maker Campus online. Ages 18+ Saturday, April 9 12:00 – 3:00 pm EDT $25/login Learn more and register>>>

Paper and Cardboard Engineering

Join us for a fun day of paper engineering.  Learn the core elements of “pop-up”- basic and advanced folds as well as design mechanisms (such as linkages, wheels, cams, and levers) with paper to make amazing “pop-up” art (moveable books). Some of the topics we will cover with cardboard Engineering include qualities of various cardboard materials (chipboard versus corrugated, for example), tools (canary cutters, ZipSnip, laser cutters for cardboard, etc.), joining techniques, and other basics. You will walk away with projects and lessons that you can implement into your classroom throughout the year. This workshop is hosted Center for Mathematics, Science and Computer Education at Rutgers University at Science and Engineering Resource Center, Second Floor, 221A, 118 Frelinghuysen Road, Piscataway, NJ. Teachers Grades K-12 Wednesday, May 11 10:00 am – 2:00 pm $95/participant Learn more and register>>>
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Featured Projects

No-Sew Light-Up Wrist Cuff

Enhance your cosplay with soft circuits! In this simple project, you can make a simple felt cuff that lights up. We’ll also learn the science behind circuits and discover how to design your own. Make it now!

Light Up Gnome Card

In honor of NJ Makers Day, we hosted this fun DIY Gnome Light-Up Paper Circuit Card with the Warren County Library System. Learn to make your own! Make it now!
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Upcoming Events

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