Blairstown Recreation Department Programs

Kaleidoscope Enrichment is proud to offer afterschool programs through the Blairstown Recreation Department at Blairstown Elementary School. Links to specific events are available through our Calendar or on Facebook. Download a registration form.

Our schedule for the 2021-2020 school year is coming soon!

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Sample Programs

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Top Secret
Grades K-3
Calling all detectives! Calling all detectives! We have some mysteries to solve! This fun program will put your creativity, ingenuity, and resourcefulness to use as you conquer the challenges each week. Our young sleuths will play with puzzles, craft crazy contraptions, and solve lighthearted mysteries in this fun class meant to build critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and confidence.

Edible Inventions
Grades 4-6
Hack the Kitchen as you learn the science behind your food and get creative with the recipes. We will perform exciting edible experiments and use science, technology, engineering, art, and math to invent new treats. Everyone should know what goes into the food that they eat! Here’s the opportunity to become a food scientist and unlock a whole new level of cooking expertise.

Winter Wonders
Grades K-6
Full of magic and wonder, winter is a fantastic time to delve into the marvels of nature and science in this workshop. Participants will be grouped by ages and led through exciting projects that explore ice, snow, winter solstice, and more. Blending art and science with each experiment, participants will create amazing items to take home.

Beginners Biohackers 101
Grades 4-6
Unravel the secrets of DNA with REAL lab equipment. Test your food, test your school, test yourself as you hack your way through the science of life. This workshop is limited to a small group for maximum hands-on biology unlike anything you’ll get in the classroom. Taught by an actual Biochemist.

Escape Room Ultimate Challenge
Grades K-3, Grades 4-6
Bring on the Science. Throw in the Tech. Build it bigger and better! The escape room will have the wackiest, craziest, most ridiculous engineering and science challenges you’ve ever seen. Will you unlock the final puzzle? It won’t matter, because FUN is the reward.

Little Leprechauns
Grades K-3
Take our fun and creative engineering challenge as we build the biggest, the best, the most outrageous Leprechaun traps ever seen. We’ll have lots of silly games to test our luck and some other tricks up our sleeves for our builders.

Playground Physics Fun
Grades K-4
Explore forces, gravity, simple machines, and engineering in a lighthearted, fun way. Using playground equipment and outdoor toys, your student will discover the science behind how our world works while experimenting and playing with physics. A great way to learn over Spring Break.

Duct Tape Does It!
Grades K-6
In this program for creative inventors, we will be pushing the limits of what duct tape can do as we craft, build, and engineer all kinds of crazy contraptions using one of the most useful materials on the planet. One part art, one part tinkering, this class is perfect for out of the box thinkers. Each week there will be a new challenge conquer, so get ready for fun!

Up, Up, and Away
Grades 3-6
From simple paper airplanes to launching rockets to flying drones, this after school program is all about exploring the power of flight. Participants will build, tinker and engineer their way to creating their own aeronautical inventions, exploring the science behind flight.

Summertime Scientist
Grades K-4
Get ready for a summer of astounding science! In this program, we’ll put the heat and sunshine to good use as make awesome sun prints, build pinhole cameras, create color-changing bracelets and design our own sunglasses So, start your summer vacation by training the brain at Summertime Scientists.

Maker Camp
Grades K-8
Kids love to create, build, and innovate. This is the perfect Summer Camp for kids that love science, technology, and engineering. Maker Camp will provide them with the opportunity to develop their skills, learn new things, and share interests with others. Maker Camp gives kids the chance to design a new world of creativity that merges the traditional and technological in their own unique and independent way.

We’re Maker Camp EXPERTS! In fact, Kaleidoscope owner and director, Sandy Roberts, recently published The Big Book of Maker Camp Projects for McGraw-Hill.

Interested in fun science, technology, engineering, math and maker activities for your school, recreation department or homeschool group? Contact us!