Calling all maker educators! Register now for the Make: Education Forum, a virtual event connecting, celebrating, and exploring the maker mindset in the classroom. Join us on September 23rd & 24th.

https://t.co/iFFlapZMvF https://t.co/lKdvUde0xV
One team finished today and that will help motivate the rest to be finished and then we compete! Who will be able to knock over their opponent? https://t.co/9mShoy0SmQ
Happy International Museum Day! For the past 24 years, we’ve served as a gathering place, providing a safe environment for children to engage in play-based learning. We want you to know that we appreciate your support from the bottom of our hearts! 🏠🌳🎠💕 #IntlMuseumDay https://t.co/rpBmdK5Vzf
It's here! Our next @Make:Geometry training for teachers and parents. Thurs June 9, 6 PM Pacific! Join us! https://t.co/ZqjuKhw1JK
ATTENTION #Teachers, #Makers & #Edupreneurs! The CORI team is looking to partner with passionate educators to get the word out about CORI. We are excited to launch our affiliate marketing program, check it out here: https://t.co/tfGiRhmgzW #STEMeducation #STEM #makered #STEAM https://t.co/sfuifaiHEL
My face when a kid is saying, "But it's IMPOSSIBLE! I can't do it!" Voice raised; on the verge of tears; slaps the table with a fist. Facing frustration is hard, but we worked it out together. They took a break & came back when ready. #TeacherLife #MakerEd #Grit #FailForward https://t.co/uIZAaNJ69K