Kaleidoscope Enrichment
Kaleidoscope Enrichment
MARK YOUR CALENDARS! The first significant meteor shower in three months is almost here. The Lyrid meteor shower peaks the night of April 21/22

#meteorshower #Lyrids #meteor
Kaleidoscope Enrichment
Kaleidoscope Enrichment
Keep the kids busy for hours AND super easy to make!
Kaleidoscope Enrichment
Kaleidoscope Enrichment
It's Friday! That means Mario the Maker Magician is back on Maker Camp LIVE at 2pm PDT / 5pmEDT! Songs, dance party, tricks...it's all here! Plus you'll get to make some magic for which you'll need: an envelope, a pencil, some crayons, several rubber bands and PLAYING CARDS.

Not excited yet? Watch this delightful interaction between Mario and Mr. Lamp.

Kaleidoscope Enrichment
Maker Camp
Meet Mr. Lamp, an original creation by Mario "the Maker Magician" Marchese. Mr. Lamp first debuted in Mario's live show in 2014 and quickly became one of his...
Kaleidoscope Enrichment
Kaleidoscope Enrichment
It's time to get airborne! We're still buzzing from CodeJoy's last class with Adam Lazarus on the engineering of bug legs and can't wait for Part 2: MECHANICAL WINGS! Today at 930am PDT / 1230pm EDT join Kelsey and Adam to make some mechanical wings.

You'll need: cardboard scarp, TP tube, string, tape, scissors, a popsicle stick, markers and paper.

WATCH LIVE on Maker Camp or Make: Magazine

For more information visit: https://makercamp.com/event/bug-bites2/ or https://www.codejoyedu.com/classes/codejoy-presents-bug-bites-4-17
Kaleidoscope Enrichment
Kaleidoscope Enrichment
Wednesday, The North Warren Robotics Team donated more than 250 3D-printed face masks, that's more than 400 total so far made by the North Warren Robotics Team, to a local hospital!! Blairstown strong and proud!! 💪🏻
Kaleidoscope Enrichment
Kaleidoscope Enrichment
Our reference Librarian Stephanie and her daughter Amelia bring you a special edition of our After School Club to show you how to extract DNA from a strawberry with household materials!
Kaleidoscope Enrichment
Phillipsburg Free Public Library
Our reference Librarian Stephanie and her daughter Amelia bring you a special edition of our After School Club to show you how to extract DNA from a strawber...

Excited to announce that CodeJoy will be presenting at the Make: Education Forum next Friday!
WHAT: Interactive Remote Robotics with CodeJoy
WHEN: Fri 9/24 4:30pm EST
REGISTRATION COST: $140 for 2 full days of workshops!
Learn more and register here: https://t.co/SfQsTcY5Gy

Makerspaces are showing up on university + college campuses everywhere. Find out what makes them tick from the people who run them with @make NEXT TUESDAY @ 4pm PT. #makerspace https://t.co/W6aZGVPt6D

Maker Campus is getting heading back to school this fall! Check out the latest offerings from  @mitchellmalpart, @jkuip, @KathyCeceri@LadyCels, @schac_attack@bciguys, and more!


Only one week left to register for the Make: Education Forum! Here's a sneak peek of the maker educators you'll encounter:


First #DailySTEM of the new year!!! https://t.co/uuChtqmWFg
dailySTEM (Chris Woods) @dailystem
It's the 1st issue of #DailySTEM for the new school year...the perfect #STEM & #Literacy connection!
New in this year's redesigned issues: STEM Careers & coded answers to the puzzles

Download or share every issue FREE at https://t.co/MEP99hVYfJ https://t.co/MCVF8p10ZV