Origami Circuits

Lately I have been really enjoying creating origami circuits. This a fun mash up of the ancient paper folding techniques with electrical circuits. It’s built on the popular paper circuit project which used conductive copper tape to attach items, usually LEDs, to crafts such as cards and artwork. But origami circuits create 3D creations!

I feature three origami circuits in The Big Book of Maker Camp Projects. They include a firefly, a moth, and a ninja throwing star. I was inspired by Kathy Ceceri‘s origami jumping frog with light-up eyes. So I was thrilled to get to feature my origami circuits with Kathy through Family Maker Camp as a livestream last year! I also did a follow-up workshop which added new projects, like my ladybug vibrobot.

I also created written instructions for several projects including a butterfly, ladybug bot, spider bot, lamp, and an origami box. I’ll be adding origami swans and a boat shortly. Many of the projects use the materials from the Make: Origami Paper Circuits Kit or Make: Paper Circuits Kit, but you can find supplies elsewhere.

Or you can take the Scrappy Circuits approach! You can hack dollar store items to make your origami light up or move. In fact, I did a video on it for New Jersey Makers Day. This approach makes it easy for anyone to get started with origami circuits.

You can check out my project in the video below at about 43 minutes in. Of course, there are other great projects too, so be sure to enjoy them!

So enjoy. Make some cool origami that lights up and moves. I’d love to see your creations. If you share your circuits to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter be sure to tag me!

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