Normally this time of year, I’d be reaching out and asking for my Kaleidoscope Community to donate towards our fun summer programs like Science and Swim and STEM Tables at local events.

But these are not normal times and this is not our usual spring. Right now school is closed, afterschool and library programs are canceled, and we don’t know what summer will bring.

So I’m asking you to support a very different cause this year. I am presently using all the equipment I can get my hands on to 3D print Personal Protective Equipment for local health and medical professionals. Like many other technical makers with 3D printing skills,most of my efforts are focused on making face shields, but I am also providing “ear savers” for nurses, jogs for those sewing fabric face masks and other items that are useful to the effort to protect our community.

I am blessed to be working from home right now and the library is supporting my efforts by providing filament, equipment, and more. I’m happy to provide the cost of electricity, my time and my skill. Right now, when all is going well, I can make 8-10 shields a day. I want to do more!

I am asking for your help to purchase additional 3D printers so that I can increase production fo face shields. We need to get these printers quickly and get them running ASAP. It looks like New Jersey will hit peak infection next week on April 16th, so we need to move quickly.

Please donate so that we can get additional 3D printers set up and fabricating face shield parts. After the crisis is over, printers will be used for educational purposes through Kaleidoscope or will be donated to groups like the Childrens Museum of New Jersey, local schools, and homeschool cooperatives that Kaleidoscope works with presently. Sandy will continue to provide both technical and educational support to these groups.

EVERYONE who donates will be invited to attend two invitation-only virtual workshops hosted by Sandy Roberts and Kaleidoscope: “An Introduction to 3D Printing” and “An Introduction to Tinkercad.” I will also print and mail your first 3D printed creation to you.

Please help me help the community. You may have felt like you want to do something to make a difference. NOW YOU CAN!

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